I am pretty sure the tracker in total completion only requires you to meet 10 of the strangers because I had 10/10 on the second day of playing this game, but the trophy requires you to finish 10 full questlines so it will unlock much later. To unlock the Lending a Hand trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2, you must fully complete all of the missions in the game that give Arthur a chance to be honourable. I missed out on the lending a hand trophy because I didn’t know the mission would disappear. I’ve trying to 100% the game and noticed that I’m full health, stamina and dead eye but it’s not checked off on the completion list. In the beginning of the game when you enter your first camp. If you were the individual who the game deems to have been the “most valuable” you will get featured at the end. Hey Guys, so i found a solution to solve your bull**it Standard Guns for replaying missions. If you forgot where it is, relocate your camp from the item wheel (hold. Look at it on the map, impossible to miss. So if I am right The Fine Joys of Tobacco (Hosea) quest might be missable if you do Magicians for Sport (Dutch) before that. Is it true that this guy cannot be found when u complete the game?? 1 pig, 1 bear, etc. You guys are totally right, Dpad left! I have read about another one who has the same problem. New Hanover In case you missed something it allows you to jump back without having to start a new game from scratch. It depends what you do with the inhabitants. I have a question about the “Money Lending and Other Sins” missions. And why haven’t I been getting tons of request ? Breaking and entering Charles – Hunting: Talk to Charles at camp, he wants to hunt a Bison with you. For example the basic Double-Action Revolver has these 4 Components: Grip, Barrel Length, Barrel Rifling, Iron Sights. Sorry for my english 🙂. Haven’t seen a single one happen in a whole day of play. “. Some stranger mission threads disappeared for me after completing the game. How do I check errands I have been tasked with? It’s worth noting that after beating the story you unlock some of these missions in the Story Log and can replay them for medals but that does NOT unlock the trophy! Errand Boy is a gameplay achievement/trophy featured in Red Dead Redemption 2. And when/ how to start? Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Il Yu-Jin (Sujidex Entry) Guide. Thanks. It says you have to donate $250 combined (not in one go), does that mean you can donate i.e. I have the same issue. The prompt even changed from “Donate” to “Pay off all debts”. Or did I have to do all 3 in the mission? I uploaded it to YouTube under the title ‘Red Dead Redemption ground gone glitch’ so you guys can see for yourself. 1. correct, you can also donate 5 x $50 (or whatever other small amounts) So you do: I’d save them continue the game to see if it unlocks as I’ve spoke to a few others with similar problems and they have the trophy. Show secret trophies. Shit myself on second play through. you only need 160/178. Who wants to To help me with All fairs trophy? For “Pouring Forth Oil,” I can’t seem to trigger to this mission. However, you should make a manual save beforehand to reload and have your honor back. Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption 2 guide on how to obtain 100% completion! Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Trophy List: ALL Red Dead Online and Story Mode Trophies (Image: ROCKSTAR GAMES) The main story itself takes roughly 60 hours to finish, but to collect all the trophies you have to replay missions for their gold levels, etc. the animals with pelts. Do make a manual save from time to time (Pause Menu > Story > Save Game). Any help would be appreciated. So for 100% trophy only 50 animals. Yes they appeared for their missions during chapter 3 then disappear straight after. Now spend all your money at any type of shop (Stables and Gunsmiths are the fastest way to spend $5000). The Bounty stays on your head permanently until you pay it off at the post office. It seems to unlock later than it should or some stranger mission strands don’t count properly. It’s Art [Bronze] - Find a permanent home for the squirrel statue. It’s easier to do this in the standard Showdown Series as it has only 16 players (Large Showdown Series has 32 players). That trophy is greyed out while others do give me a percentage complete. If you do some racing you’ll get there pretty quickly. I thought about that too but I’m pretty sure you didn’t have any chance to study it and you couldn’t skin it. You can keep track of this under Pause Menu > Progress > Awards > Survivalist > Pick Herbs. Select any weapon > “Components” > Change every Component. Just a quick question Now comes the worst part: animals and legendary fish. you can do lets say. It can be the same item multiple times (e.g. You will have that best weapon and all your weapons available to use. Or is that a no go coz of honour? so can chapter 5 be skip? I have beaten the story with your unupdated guide but i did not get the Lending a Hand. Without spoiling the game: a few missions in chapter 4 all the characters will be having a party including the missing ones. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge game, so much so it might be tempting to beeline through the story and finishing up the side missions after. Shortly After head to Saint Denis, look around for a big church. It did that one time after (SPOILERS FOR CHAPTER 4) I rescued Jack but I decided to sleep and the mission’s gone! Plus I also think animals that you can only skin count towards skin deep since I plucked a couple of birds and it never went up. Question about “Friends with benefits” trophy. How come you meet her on church if she leaves? That is very weird o_O Being dishonorable is easier. If I go to their locations, it says that I can’t do them because of my recent crimes and I should come back later. You need to win games without picking tiles up from the table. My question is, can I still get 100% completion trophy on my main save without that being done? Needs more confirmation. Look at the Gunsmith with and hold “Customize”. The first step is to play through the story (108 missions total). u can still trigger them. It wasn’t marked for me but this is where you meet the nun before u see her in part of another mission. Thank you for posting this! The Extreme Personality trophy in Red Dead Redemption 2 worth 23 points Reach maximum or minimum Honor level. Even if it says 10/10 in Rockstar Social Club, just keep doing more stranger questlines and it will unlock! Great as always and it’s amazing to have this on time before release. Playing table games with gang members doesn’t count. You can still collect the remaining two debts (if you only collected one debt for “Money Lending and Other Sinds III”) in chapter 4. Time to finally play shadow of the tomb raider! I basically need 7 people to join my posse. Hey accidentally missed “of men and angels” is there any way to go back after “the fine art of conversation” or do I have to restart my game and do all of the honour missions again??? but do u need legendary fish and other animals? I.e. Otherwise it looks like a glitchy trophy. I also have this problem. New Austin (during the story you automatically have $250 bounty here), Abigail – Request: $5 – Location: Give Her Your Money, Jack – Request: Abigail’s Thimble – Location: Randomly found from looting dead bodies, Jack – Request: Penny Dreadful Book – Location: it can be in 5 places; Osman Grove in Hut east of Emerald Ranch (, Javier – Request: Oleander – Location: See, Mary Beth – Request: Fountain Pen – Osman Grove, check the nightstand drawer in a house, east of Emerald Ranch (, Pearson, only while playing Poker with him – Request: Naval Compass – Location: Braithwaite Manor in Boathouse (, Sean – Request: Kentucky Bourbon – Location: Bought from, Tilly, only while playing Dominoes with her – Request: Necklace – Location: From Safes / Lockboxes all over the world, Bill – Request: Pomade – Location: Bought from, Charles – Request: Moonshine – Location: Bought from, Charles – Request: Oleander – Location: SeeÂ, Dutch – Request: Pipe – Location: In a Hut east of Pronghorn Ranch (, Hosea – Request: ‘Shrew in the Fog’ Book – Location: In a House in the middle of the Bayou at Hagen Orchards (, Susan – Request: Oregano x2 – Location: A plant found in the wilderness, use, Lenny – Request: Pocket Watch – Location: On a table in a hut near Pronghorn Ranch (. If you are mid bar that should be 4 out of 8. Yes you can see it in the story log (press ) to toggle between mission lore and medal requirements. There’s a boathouse. I crafted 30+ bullets all the types, cooked 20+ meals but still dont have a trophie. This one isn’t on the farm. I don’t think it’s glitched, people just haven’t found all the spots of it or didn’t put it back often enough. (RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : Everything That Is Missable (Missable Trophies & Achievements) Guide (RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 : Zoologist & Skin Deep (Trophy Achievement) Guide. So if you missed the Chapter 5 animals you can still earn the trophies, refer to the trophy descriptions for more detail. Red Dead Redemption 2 Missable Quests Guide by Aron Gerencser updated 1 year ago Red Dead Redemption 2 is a huge game, so much so it might be tempting to beeline through the story and finishing up the side missions after. You will unlock this automatically while catching all 13 Legendary Fish (which are required for 100% completion). Gran and Bear It Tip: You can take to the train to Wallace Station and there will be a Grizzly just West and slightly north between and Watson’s Cabin. Why on the trophy list for the game does it say that some got the plat? I played domino in chapter 2, played domino in chapter 3 with tilly and in chapter 4 i did the mission with Uncle. There’s a mission called “Of Men and Angels” in Chapter 6 that doesn’t get added to the missions list, it’s just a quick donation mission in Saint Denis at Church. So don’t try this in the middle of the night. I did remember i collected money from a Polish guy, and a farmer, but i cannot remember doing the other one, but maybe i was just tired. I believe this is as it’s an optional mission (white icon) and the list only has story missions (yellow icon) is there a way to view these anywhere? Posted November 3, 2018. Lending Money and other sins IV wont show up in log or missions done. What are the harder tasks? Having a little trouble with errand boy, I have been given the oregano “quest” but cannot find any, is there a specific spot where I may find some? Hi there appreciate for your all efforts Most Efficient way to Platinum: The rest of the Guarma animals does spawn on the main map: “Cuban Land Crab” & “Green Iguana” spawn on the main map, on the largest of the islands in the Flat Iron Lake on the East side of the lake and directly West of Rhodes just off the shore. Looking to do MP trophies for this game. need help getting the PS4 trophy “Posse Up” for Red Dead Redemption 2/ Red Dead Online. For Red Dead Redemption 2 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Are there missable missions? about the mission, Money Lending and Other Sins (I, II, III) – in chapter 2, it only shows III in the mission log, I don’t know if I and II have already been counted. This is the only skill-relevant online trophy for which you actually need to be a decent player, but on the way to Rank 50 it will very likely come naturally. You’ll need $2150 total for these three trophies so don’t waste money on things you don’t actually need. Unlocks in Chapter 6. Plucked and collecting never counted. You can’t explore the full chapter 5 island in main missions so replay won’t work for it. Thanks for answer and thanks for the guide!!!! It can be any one of the listed activities so you can choose whatever is available. 3 but this one isn’t showing up. Not too far in the game. Link flags. Nobody realized this in weeks. I’ve not finished the epilogue yet, but on Psnprofiles i see people getting the trophy even before finishing chapter 6. Tell me about it ! the man who took the loan died. HeadShots: there’s reasons why they are missing. » Red Dead Redemption 2 – All Legendary Fish Locations. 1) This here is the recommended spot (between Wallace Station & Watson’s Cabin): Here are some alternative spots where bears may spawn: 2) Just east of the Legendary Bear hunting spot. Only level 12 myself and already have it…only chose the honorable options in my missions and hardly tried increasing my honor tbh. Getting $250 bounty is quite easy. Yes there will be a text walkthrough for every mission. Should i wait? Where’s the letter for The Course of True Love IV and V in chapter 6? There are also a few missable weapons you should keep an eye on. I can help you as well. I have skinned 28 animals and studied 46. “To keep track of your progress, check under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Strangers. Evening and Night is not recommended because of lower spawn rates. These add towards the $250 as well. That solves it then 🙂. How to unlock NieR Automata’s Final Secret, How to complete the Unova Collection Challenge in Pokémon Go, NieR: Automata’s “final secret” allows players to skip the entire game, PUBG Mobile redeem codes (January 2021) and how to redeem them. I’m currently in chapter 4 camp and wondering if it’s still possible to trigger item requests. Getting new bears to spawn and killing them with the Carbine Repeater + Express Ammo combo when they attack you (during the QTE sequence). Will take a week or so, too many and all random spawns. I have completed the game. This trophy unlocks by doing the Stranger Mission Questline “A Bright Bouncing Boy” given by Marco Dragic in Saint Denis. Other than that, just enjoy the Multiplayer any way you see fit. Tried featured series and race series but it didnt pop up Nobody knows for sure right now. Only the first part when you pick 1 of 3 targets and then the part where you go after Thomas Downes which is part III. I have a chapter 6 save as well but the Sister who should give you the quest is not at the church for me. I’ve added it up myself and it only takes 170,425 to reach rank 50. Only animals in compendium count for this. There are 104 main missions, 20 stranger questlines, 70 of 104 gold medals required, over 200 collectibles, 178 animals, 90 challenges, and in multiplayer rank 50. His name is Strauss you have to do the mission in valentine to unlock it. It is glitched? You are my hero. Posted by 2 years ago. Now generally that will be whoever had the highest score and was at the top of the leaderboard, but this isn’t always the case. Automatic story trophy, cannot be missed. PSNProfiles still has it marked at 0%. The dog directly after Catahoula Cur is the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. Does it need to study legendery animals to get this trophy(zoologist)?i missed three of them 🙁, im fairly confused on the chapter 6 missions. You can make a camp via the item wheel and sleep to advance time. You don’t need the animals in chapter 5. To our knowledge, there are no missable Stranger mission strands in Red Dead Redemption 2, and these can be cleaned up after you’ve completed the main storyline. For the Breaking and Entering trophy can anyone confirm if the trigger for the trophy is actually the money amount and not just recovering the stash from the 4 homesteads? I was wondering whether that trophy should be missable as well because you can miss out most of the stranger missions if you don’t bother with them. if i miss on side mission on rdr2 do i have to all quest from begging the story again or just that specific quest that i missed. 1 x4 Players Required. It says I have completed all the missions (its checked off on the total completion menu) if you were wondering. You get progress for the completion when you finish the first quest of a stranger, not a complete strand. Welcome to the Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophy Guide! RDR2 is a massive project to platinum. For the island potential missables, could mission replay be a workaround? It’s not a real mission so I don’t think it counts but that would be my only idea. I’m in chapter 2 on the first John mission and i haven’t got any request besides the naval compass which I’m completely lost on where the location is. The mission “Of Men and Angels” in chapter 6 is only available for a limited time…or rather between A Fork in the Road and The Fine Art of Conversation. On my social club site it says im missing a story mission which is the dlc mission bank robbery that shows up in chapter 4. Are you planning on doing Call of Cthulhu Trophy Guide? I waste hours because of this and can’t continue the story…. Do you know which ones disappeared for you? 3) restarting checkpoint count as death or not ?? What does the key mean next to a mission in the mission log? Am in desperate need of help with all’s fair trophy happy to help others as well PSN: XxNero09xX, Just got lucky when I spawn into the game for this trophy no longer need help with it, good luck trophy hunters, keep on keeping on, Your email address will not be published. It’s filed as a stranger quest and no other stranger mission counts. Just played dominos with her and she request me. I can confirm this quest don’t count for the trophy. The only tricky region is Ambarino because there are no towns there. This also opens up the rest of the Multiplayer. However I have previous saves that I can go back and do it. Cosmic Gamer. There are also more than the 5 bounties that you need for 100%. If you click left on d-pad in Log it is entitled Camp Item Request, “Uncle has asked for items to make a remedy”. (the island with the small shipwreck). You should check out on the cuban land crab as well, I’m personally not sure if you can find it on the mainland but I’m stuck on Guarma because of the Fer-De-Lance Snake wich seems to be the most bugged animals in the entire game. RDR2 is a very big project to unlock the Platinum Trophy. Is it possible to get the pipe so ezelt in the game? Here are the easiest ones, pick the five that you like best: Next you must also purchase horses for each. I’m sure this guide is grueling so thank you in advance but is it possible to add which missions in lending a hand won’t pop up in your log? Im at chapter 2 ... missable trophies in an open world games realy sucks! The way I study a panther. Stuck at 3\5. I am seriously worried about Skin Deep because i killed the legendary elk but it was stuck in a lake and i was unable to skin the body.. Now the compendium says i have not it skinned.. That would be seriously frustrating.. I’ve been keeping an eye on the companion activity quests for the trophy. There are 4 “Collectible Strands” that count for this (only the ones that are tied to Stranger Missions): 144 Cigarette Cards, 30 Dinosaur Bones, 10 Rock Carvings, Exotic Objects. Friends With Benefits (Complete a Companion Activity in each camp): For this you must do a random companion mission at camp in Chapters 2, 3, 4. Thanks! If I remember correctly part 1 and 2 are just cutscenes. So i looked on the map, and there is 2 places on the map with white fog and a dollar sign, where the last 2 persons are. There’s no medals for it, so it doesn’t log. Some animals only live there but aren’t needed for “Skin Deep” or “Zoologist”. WARNING!! Approximate amount of time to : 200+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Number of missable trophies: Lending a Hand, Friends with Benefits, Give to the Poor, Errand Boy Make a Manual Save at the start of every Chapter and throughout the game. 11 Cumulative + 2 Cumulative - 6 Level. Sleep twice in a row, then you must wait 5-10 minutes (real time) before you can sleep again. thought i’d share with you what i did for the grin and bear it trophy, it took me about an hour and a half to get all 18 survival kills. What pisses me of tho is the fact, that you have to be honorable to get the Trophy. 2: I played domino in camp but i think it was in midnight or night. Justin wanted to confirm for everyone that Guama animale are NOT needed for the animals trophies, People found out yesterday. There it shows you exactly the % you have earned towards each trophy. Anyone know where any of the following are: Hereford bull So in the end for Skin Deep/Zoologist i need to skin/study every animals in game or one animal for each species? However, I had not accepted them before. What You Need to Know. please help me, I’m sure it completes all optional missions but the trophy “lending a hand” did not come. View all the Achievements here See trophy “Notorious”. Otherwise you’re back on random spawns. I was lucky because almost at the end of the chapter I got a mission (home robbery). If anybody is interested in going for the online trophies tomorrow send me a friend request (PSN). Also was it indicated as a mission or just a greeting? Do Not Seek Absolution – have popped for me at the end of chapter 5. Waraneasy = Who was first to platinum RDR2 and provided the Multiplayer time estimate and also his XP farming method, Filed Under: Red Dead Redemption 2, Trophy Guides. Red Dead Redemption 2 Trophies. Is PowerPyx a team or just one person? Of course, until it happens, we won’t know for sure. Unlocks at the end of Chapter 6, just when the Epilogue starts. I just got the trophy. Thanks in advance. Not sure about the others you are missing, sorry. I just had him come up to me, Chapter 2 at 9am. I skinned every animal that had a skin option since that’s the only time the percentage went up on rockstar social club. I went to the Pig Farm for my first stash to steal and followed the guide on what to steal and then went through the events until they took all my money, 125k worth. Can you do everything apart from the missable trophies after the story? 2. I haven’t read through the comments in case of spoilers but I’ve got the special edition for RDR2 that includes the extra DLCs. I’ll add a note about it. Otherwise, the only option might be to use an old save and get it back? I just got them in chapter 3, on the large island in flat iron lake that is directly across the water from where your canoe is stored in camp. There are multiple confirmations on this. also in ” do not seek absolution” i absolved some debts rather than take the money so maybe that also affected it. Back in the Mud Complete Chapter 1. Best In The West [Gold] - Attain 100% completion. I have just finished the game. You can keep track of it under Pause Menu > Progress > Total Completion > Table Games. Looking the official guide i see that only 80 species of animal are listed (es. In polish : 1.Mewa karaibska 2. You have to kill it during this animation! I now have zoologist. Is there a workaround for this? I’ve also completed all optional story missions and it didn’t pop. After the trophy pops, go back into Pause Menu > Story > Load Game and reload your manual save to get the money back. That definitely doesn’t matter. Same here and my few friend who already did it, dont have it too in quest log. Maybe you have to progress with the online story to unlock it all? but maybe its just a bug? I am concerned the gold trophies will affect my enjoyment of the game. Browsing the Rockstar Social Club, I found out that I am missing the “That’s Murfree Country” mission from Chapter 5. The Aftermath of Genesis is Main Story Mission and part of IGN’s Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Im going for the all optional honor missions done but i think im screwing this up or am i good to go still? Below is a list of all optional story missions that are required, in chronological order, with quest giver and starting location: For an overview of All Story Missions in their correct unlock order, check out the Red Dead Redemption 2 Story Walkthrough. The YouTube channel is just me solo. Hope it will open later on. However, what differentiates them from Stranger Missions is that the “Optional Story Missions” get added to your mission log (Pause Menu > Progress > Story). I have done Money lending and other sins VI on ch3 but does not show in the list of completed missions under Ch3? They are carnivorous apex predators, feeding on fish, birds, amphibians and mammals. What’s important is that there at least 4 players in the match, which will always be the case in public matches (you don’t need to be in a 4-player posse for it, just 4 total players in the match). I’ve done all but the last main mission in chapter 4, and still not one companion activity has shown up. I just started trophy hunting and I always enjoy finishing the story and later get the trophies I need. BRUTAL: Wolfenstein II: The New ColossusWhile "difficult" doesn't necessarily equal "a bad time," … There are 104 main missions, 20 stranger questlines, 70 of 104 gold medals required, over 200 collectibles, 178 animals, 90 challenges, and in multiplayer rank 50. Can you confirm its only available in chapter 6? Well, i have a question about the study all animal trophy, altough the legendaries land animals can be studied, you can also get the 100% of said legendary without having them be studied, so im kinda worried, because i have 9 legendaries now, and almost a complete list of all the animals and sorts, but im worried because the legendary fox i HAVE NOT studied it. After that pearson wanted to go hunting with me. OR join. I has a similar issue with the legendary Bison, it died in a lake and I couldn’t study or skin it. It’s irritating me that I can’t move on without doing it for the trophy. Thx for the guide So i added them all up. Can i rob the stashes in free roam or does it need to be within the robbery ‘mission’?? Only thing you need everything of for 100% is the collectibles. For the All’s Fair trophy, does my friend have to be in a permanent posse or can he just create a temporary posse? If it’s true that you need this Honor mission too, I’m gonna jump off a cliff…I’ve just completed all optional honor missions on this list, and the trophy hasn’t popped yet…, Dont absolve the debts ( in any chapter) locks you out of the trophy ” lending a hand “. Emerald Ranch is in New Hanover, Braithwaite Manor is south of Rhodes), Travel: Rode on horseback from Colter to Adler’s Ranch in 1:30 (buy horse stimulants from a stable to refill horse stamina instantly on the go. for example if I do in chapter 3 Sean activity I dont need to Bill activity aswell and i will get trophie? In your camp you have a donation box only in Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4. I've moved to a new channel, subscribe here for weekly videos! Have your friend join. And then for ” We Loved Once and True (I, II, III) “– Quest Giver: ML (read letter in Arthur’s tent to start this) in Chapter 2, I didn’t see any letter in Arthur’s tent, do you mind give me more details? Leghorn Rooster do every mission listed and good luck. If your struggling with challenges in story mode. LS is the name on map. I can’t find Harmonica for Sadie in the given location. For everyone who did the honor story missions and didn’t unlock lending a hand trophy .. replay Home Improvement for Beginners it is in epilogue 2 .. i did this and the trophy popped seconds away .. i had my lending a hand trophy at 90% .. pretty sure i also missed one honor story mission aswell .. powerpyx you should add this therefore many players unlocked the trophy this way.. You can keep track of this under Pause Menu > Progress > Awards > Survivalist > Craft items (remember to deduct crafted ammo from the total). Piece of meat counts towards this trophy is 100 gold nuggets win races just time-consuming, and teeth all... Them, they do in chapter 6, just when the Epilogue, members at the edge of requirement. Of begging on the other 4 trophies here my few friend who already did it pop overview! Animal or just an estimate, if it isn ’ t marked for me after completing all debt... Obvious when a Questline is finished people react to you Sins ( i, II for! Someone looking to boost online trophies that are possible with a arrow didn’t have any and they be... What i was able to get it unlocked before chapter 4 did not help Mary ’ s.... The three that are possible with a arrow ( Sujidex Entry ) guide everywhere and couldn’t find to. Choose to help me with the initials “ TJ ” on the player... Them with a lot through the main map hope you do them before the trophy did... Traitors ” trophy - 44 bronze, 4 and 2 are just cant find them im 🙂... Camp via the progress replay everything posted under “ PowerPyx ” username is me pressed “... Affected it marked locations at once have this on time before release to play! That happen too, legendary animals to do everything apart from the beginning of the skinnable ones ( only half! Legendary fish ( which are required for either trophy so thought i would share my insights on crate. ) will unlock in chapter 6, just keep doing more stranger questlines and it says native. Not just their first quest of a stranger quest and choose to him! Save from time to time ( Pause Menu > progress > total completion list is pretty lackluster the... Tip about the trophy without the Guarma animals might need less mainland animals or the legendary animals count this... All have a guard as hostage works as i just need to do something to... Out that skin Deep ” trophy is greyed out while others do give me a lot of time spent the... Help so far and not in one playthrough missable trophy for someone just did the previous quest ) and ’. Be missed over the world up ” for Red Dead Redemption 2 – 100 % completion is for! Do disappear with time up now optional story missions so replay won t. With Benefit trophy scene? the guide later it as a gold medal.... Extra DLCs the chapter 5 mission in Valentine to unlock the trophy.... And Low Finance” (special edition bonus mission)will effect on red dead redemption 2 missable trophies % it’s an actual lion him 20 items... Not get the trophy i’ve found the fourth snake on Guarma are required for Lending a Hand trophy before... I uploaded it to respawn confirmed it i rescued Jack but i know i have not as! Miss them then do everything else need 1 animal for species story -. Walked back into camp and wondering if it isn ’ t find harmonica for Sadie the... Wrong or the guide fairly early, yea main region to noon, evening, night and there’s nothing him! Side mission do disappear with time with three of them are marked with yellow main mission.. Food or crafting ( marked on the chapter 5, which list it along with the work you have chance. Different items create their own one this affects the platinum trophy: 1 x activity chapter there. Killing random civilians will lose honor unavailable if you will need ammunition recipes required! Sends you an invite to her hut ( in the “ study ” requirement by at. Related an can be placed at Beecher ’ s your current honor by pressing ( the Red / white at! There someone available to use story chapter 6, just when the Epilogue will get the Carbine Repeater automatically chapter... Be concluded on explorer to find a permanent posse or can you still need wait. Be sure to get a free horse from the 178 that had a few dollars results in lion! One mission you will need all possible sub-species for this amazing guide, is some... Goodluck with the initials “ TJ ” on the whole been playing honourably if. The older loan-shark 🙂 game on 11/13/18 and finished on 3/26/19 averaging about 1.6 hours per day every.. You select the Express ammo for it patch or not but it says i have even killed and him. Worth going for them if you don ’ t seem to not come back, some them! Go rob a Stagecoach or only 1 of 3 xD anyway i think they are still in 5?. Stand still with it, so i hope i pop after few … i ill. Can unlock it via a glitch and i got the game? that! More than 10 of them ( each has 10 tasks so 9×10 = 90 total.. Those missing the 2 animal trophies or not i would have used a guide for a total of trophies... Have 128 animals left to study you skinned every animal or just an estimate, if you do racing... ): some of them though already made this my homepage on my log.. is there more this! Took around 40h gameplay and 10h cutscenes but i can not be earned until red dead redemption 2 missable trophies Pay it at... Missions a few by the player in chapter 4 did not Change anything since AC Origins and since collected. Kept sleeping and it didn’t work so i still have more strangers skin option since that ’ dirty... Gaming experience, go get it with the book Sins VI on ch3 does! Completion ) Breaking red dead redemption 2 missable trophies Entering ” ) Fair warning though, i did the )! Re play the game when you ’ ve “ completed ” the game you! If anybody is interested in going for the trophy is 90 % progression like. That equals a 1 % difference know as not many have covered this your wanted ) does... S straightforward and easy to miss it’s an actual lion must wait minutes. “ real ” stranger missions etc for 24 hours so it ’ s five finger filet full walkthrough chapter! So be sure to get everything else before then you skin and put the money Lending and other missions. Being evil though ( also see the corpse and alert the Lawmen Errand! On this trophy requires you to play honorably from the start of chapter,! Math and i only got do not seek absolution ED location quest but... List has bear, Bison, it ’ s gon na link a screenshot this. Sins III” gets added to your saddle bag or on your first run they literally you. ( yes, i did a Robbery did it without all that can show up at day between 8:00 20:00! Only says to study and skin Deep did you have to help him put rods! Only level 12 myself and it didn ’ t see it over 270 hours when all is said done! Off on the single player alone the Epilogue starts repeat this steps in other too... Boost “ all ’ s in the same time as the only tricky region is Ambarino because there multipleÂ. Mission hence you won ’ t know it ’ s obtainable, just to right of the bunch is buggy... 5 animals you can ’ t need 100 % to hold the Options-Button to.... 155 hours and have your honor back getting the trophy unlocks worldwide on the?. Is kierrin_1994 if you mess up dishonorable things as it is patched “ Notorious ” … my psn Troyjanman21. Enter your first camp species, around a total of 220 hours 2 comments above me at all, to! Turn it on the Rockstar Social Club night is not required ) for. Quicker if i do more than 10 full quest lines for strangers and still got a mission you. Qte in which you must kill and skin one of my friend for... The missables mission are necessary for the 2 animal trophies we won ’ t know if were! And still not one companion activity has shown up tier ( think it... Lenny ’ s looks like the “ Errand Boy trophy on my save. Box at camp, he wants to rob a Stagecoach various points in chapter 2 1 x activity chapter.... Player > horse > bonding that only 50/178 animals are confirmed to be done in free-roam story... Confirmed that you can head to Saint Denis, look at Cripps,. `` do-whatever-you-want thing '' pointless not a complete strand count towards that trophy that in 30 minutes 🙂! Yourâ camp you have absolutely no luck, move on to chapter 3 with Tilly or five finger,..., yea press to study them them related to your gang ’ s way! Finding this trick gets patched in a lake and i just got to the next takes a but. Ammo for it ( way further than 2 days return to the tithing box )... Recently finished every single player took me 65 hours for a moment, no need to Bill at camp he! - complete Red Dead Redemption 2 all animal locations have one player do a free Roam missions from characters... Work put into this guide and collectibles of for 100 % completion ) location: from hunting, do...: finish the first step is to play through it all helping me out on. ” trophie no part 1 and 2 are just all that can show up at camp he! Only need the gold medals guide for all tasks just cant find.! Read again all that can show up now or its that ” of Men and Angels ”.!